ARTI/Met One HHPC-6 Mobile Particle Counter

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HHPC-6 Datasheet Brochure Accessory Kit
The ARTI/Met One HHPC-6 is an effective mobile solution for particle monitoring in cleanrooms, using a single counter for regular measurements of the cleanliness at many locations and trouble shooting particle contamination problems in cleanrooms. It may also serve as a reference counter for stationary particle monitoring systems, investigating alarm situations or for integrity testing of cleanroom walls, clean benches and filter ceilings by scanning for leakage detection. HHPC-6 displays 6 size channels from 0,3 to 5 µm, it reports the particle concentration as well as temperature and humidity and stores 500 sample records with date, time and sample location (label).
Size channels 0,3 µm; 0,5 µm; 0,7 µm; 1.0 µm; 2.0 µm; 5.0 µm
Relative Humidity ±5%, 20-90%, non-condensing
Temperature ±2°C, 10-40°C
Memory 500 Samples
Data transferred

Date, Time, Counts, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Sample volume, Alarm, Label

Operation modes Concentration, Totalize, Audio
Alarms Counts, Battery empty, Sensor fault
Display Illuminated graphics-LCD
Delay-time 0-24 h
Interface RS232C and RS485 via RJ-45
Operating time continuous 5-6 h
Recharging time 2 h
Housing Metalized plastic
Laser life time >36000 h @ 25°C
Flow rate 2,83 L/min (0,1 CFM) regulated electronically
Calibration PS-Latex beads in air
Counting efficiency

50% at 0,3 µm 100% at 0,45 µm

Coincidence loss

5% at 2.000.000 Particles/cft (70.000.000 Particles/m3)

Dimensions (cm) (WxHxD) 11,4 x 21 x 5,7
Weight 1 kg
Charger 12 VDC at 2,5 A, 90-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Battery NiMH, 4,8 V at 4,5 Ah
CE-Conformity EMV; Low Voltage
ARTI HHPC-6 Applications
  • Clean rooms and clean benches in production and laboratory areas
  • Operation rooms or clean benches and isolation chambers in hospitals or pharmacies
  • Monitoring in pharmaceutical and medical production or in filling and packaging areas of the food and beverage industry
  • Air monitoring in computer rooms, in automobile paint shops or filter production