ASCO K492 Resistive DC Load Bank 150 A

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The ASCO Power Technologies K492 Resistive DC Load Bank 150 A is contained in a small enclosure, providing up to 150 amperes loading capacity for testing UPS and other DC power sources at either 26 or 52 volts DC. The ASCO K492 resistive load elements are at the core of the load bank system. To ensure years of reliable operation, the elements chosen for the K492 Resistive Load Bank will operate at only 1/3 (or less) of their maximum temperature rating. The load bank includes overtemperature protection and does not require a “cool down” period after each use. The ASCO K492 Resistive Load Bank is simple to use. It does not require tools or a separate source for control power. Electrical connections are made on the front of the unit using hand-tightened terminals, while control power is derived from the power source being tested. A large, easy to read voltmeter (0-60 V, ±2%) and ammeter (0-200 A, ±2%), along with logically arranged controls, make this load bank a snap to use.