ASCO K571 Resistive Portable Load Bank 200 A

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The ASCO K571 Resistive Portable Load Bank is suitable for testing DC generating systems, converters, transformer-rectifier units, battery systems, and controls. The ASCO K571 is equipped with two fixed and two lockable swivel casters which allow the unit to be moved easily from one test site to another. Electrical connections are simplified by the easy access terminals located behind the access door on the front of the unit. ASCO K571 Resistive Portable Load Bank's safety interlock switch disables load application if the access door is opened for operator safety. The load bank is completely self-contained with a blower included for cooling the load resistor elements. Control and blower power is derived from an externally supplied 120 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz source. A line cord is included for convenient power connection.