ASCO LPH-100 Compact, Portable AC Load Bank 100 KW

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The ASCO LPH-100 Compact is a versatile load bank weighs only 105 lbs. [48 kg] and is less than half the weight and size of traditional load banks of similar capacity. The load bank features horizontal air discharge to provide a low profile design. Quick-connect load terminals and simple operation allow the load bank to be set up and operated by a single technician, saving valuable time in the field. ASCO LPH-100 load bank controls and cooling fans are powered by any standard 120 VAC, single phase wall outlet with detachable line cord provided. An integral control panel is provided for load bank operation and includes the necessary controls and status indicators.

ASCO LPH-100 Compact, Portable AC Load Bank features the new standard in Digital Metering which includes the Avtron Advanced Digital Monitoring System (ADMS™). The ADMS meter provides faceplate digital display of Volts, Amps, Frequency, and KW. The Communicator EXT™ Data Logging Software allows Real Time Data Acquisition and trending of all meter parameters from your Laptop PC or PDA. An Infrared/USB interface cable is included for “Plug and Play” convenience. Multiple units can be put in parallel to create larger loads. Call and ask a rental agent today!
  • 20 foot cable set with connectors
  • Heavy duty shipping case
  • Designs for international 50/60 Hz voltages or custom DC designs are also available. Consult Factory.