Astro Design VG-819 Programmable Video Generator

Astro Design VG-819 Programmable Video Generator 5-240MHz
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Astro Design VG-819
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VG-819 Datasheet
The VG-819 generates a wide selection of video timing and test patterns quickly and easily. A 5 to 240 MHz wide dot clock range enables evaluation of CRT monitors up to 130 KHz horizontal scanning rate. The VG-819 can also be used for production and R&D applications of flat panel displays including plasma displays, LCD etc.
Astro Design VG-819 Features
  • Pixel Freq: 5-240MHz
  • Horizontal Scan to 180kHz
  • Graphics Pattern Generation
  • 40 Timing/Pattern Programmable w/ EEPROM
  • EEPROM programming from the front panel
  • 16 mil separately controllable
  • Fully programmable. & displayed simulation