Astro Design VG-823 Analog Video Generator

Astro Design VG-823 Analog Video Generator 5 MHz - 250 MHz
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Astro Design VG-823
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The Astro VG-823 is a solution for projects working with high resolution display systems up to 1600 x 1280. The design makes the same unit ideal for engineering, manufacturing, servicing and marketing of monitors, projectors, flat panel displays, scan converters etc.
Astro Design VG-823 Features
  • Pixel Frequency from 5 MHz to 250 MHz
  • Horizontal Scan Rates to 255 KHz
  • Independent Timing/Dot Clock Setting
  • Storage and Recall of 40 or 160 Timing and Pattern Programs With Front Panel EEPROM (Optional 320)
  • EEPROM Compatible with All Other VG-800 Series Units
  • SMPTE, 256 Grey Levels & Colors At All Frequencies
  • Internal PROM Provides 32 Different Special Factory
    Installed and User Defined Patterns
  • Port for Remote Front panel, Remote Control Box and VIDCOP Software Interface
  • Analog and TTL Outputs - Standard