AT2E AMTG-2 Accurate Magnetic Thickness Gauge

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The AT2E AMTG-2 Accurate Magnetic Thickness Gauge measures up to 6mm of thickness with a 0.01mm-0.001mm resolution. AT2E AMTG-2 models are portable feeler gauges; they are used to measure the thickness of non-magnetic materials, such as plastic, glass, ceramic, aluminum, titanium, copper and more. With the AT2E AMTG-2, the accuracy of the measurement is not affected by the shape of the samples. The AT2E AMTG-2 is designed based on the method of the Hall Effect. Operators place the steel ball on one side of the sample, and the probe on the opposite side. They then move the sample and the probe into proper testing position and the steel ball will be drawn by the probe automatically. The Hall Effect sensor on the probe then measures the distance between the probe tip and the steel ball.
Measure Range and Accuracy (Custom made for range 0-8 mm)
Steel Ball Dia. Thickness upper limit Accuracy
4.76mm 6.35mm 1% ±0.003
3.18mm 4.57mm 2%
1.59mm 2.29mm 3%