Baugh & Weedon Pitch-Catch Probe Kit

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The Baugh & Weedon pitch-catch probe is ergonomically designed and manufactured from CNC machined Aluminum with rubber handgrips. The Baugh & Weedon pitch-catch Probe is both comfortable to use and robust -- while offering the best performance and durability. The probe feet can be positioned by the user to suit the inspection task and the hard-wearing probe tips are interchangeable with rounded and flat tip profiles available. The Baugh & Weedon pitch-catch probe is broad-band and therefore suitable for a wide range of applications.
The stainless-steel transmission and receiver sensors are positioned close to the edge of the housing and a smaller probe form factor is also available to allow inspection in tight areas. An alarm LED on the probe can be triggered by the BondCheck alarm settings. The probe incorporates a digital ID that stores its serial number together with programmable settings.

The Baugh & Weedon pitch-catch probe is part of the BondCheck tester.