Baugh & Weedon Resonance Probe Kit

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The Baugh & Weedon resonance probe kit is available in several frequencies (75, 90, 165, 200, 250, and 330 kHz) which can be supplied as a 6-probe kit or individually. Ergonomically designed, the Baugh & Weedon resonance probes can be connected to the instrument using the same cable as the pitch-catch probes.
Comprised of stainless-steel, tough polymer handgrips, and an Alumina-wear face, provide these resonance probes with robust performance. Like all BondCheck probes, the Alarm LED and digital ID allows ease of use for serial numbers and settings to be stored. The BondCheck allows an air calibration to be carried out to determine the most sensitive inspection frequency.

The Baugh & Weedon resonance probe kit is designed to work with the Baugh & Weedon BondCheck tester.