Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom 4 Microscope, .7X - 3X Power Pod

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Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom 4 Microscope, .7X - 3X Power Pod
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Bausch And Lomb StereoZoom 4
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Continuous magnification - always in sharp focus - from .7X to 3X with a total magnification range from 2.1X to 180X. The StereoZoom 4 Power Pod requires 10X, 12.5X, 15X, 20X or 30X eyepieces and any StereoZoom stand. Accepts .3X, .5X, .75X, 1.5X and 2X supplementary lens attachments.

For higher power requirements see the StereoZoom 7.
Bausch And Lomb StereoZoom 4 Features
StereoZoom Stands:
  • A Stand: used for the examination of opaque specimens by reflected light
  • S Stand: for use where a wide horizontal and vertical viewing latitude is required, the S Stand is exceptionally stable - no counter-balance needed.  A unique safety clamp permits 360° rotation of the horizontal shaft around the vertical shaft.   The slotted horizontal shaft prevents accidental rotation of the Power Pod.   The S Stand requires a choice of either the E or ER Arm for mounting the Power Pod
  • SK Stand: permits examination of opaque objects in any plane.  Provides maximum flexibility of shaft movement and adjustment in almost any direction within a 1.4m (4 ½") diameter circle.  Horizontal motion has rack and pinion drive; vertical column has bevel and jack screw drive for accurately positioning pod with up to 16.5cm (6 ½") extension.  Requires either E or ER Arm.
  • E Arm: designed to hold the Power Pod on machines or in special applications, as well as for use with S, SK Stands.  Arm can be inclined through 180 degrees and pivoted through 360°.  It contains its own focusing slide block.
  • ER Arm: similar to the E Arm, but with a ring that permits 360 degrees rotation of the Power Pod.  It does not contain an illuminator port.
Bausch And Lomb StereoZoom 4 Specs
  Without Supplementary Lens With .5X Lens
Wide Field Eyepieces Field Diam. Total Mag. Work Dist. Field Diam. Total Mag. Work Dist.
10X 28mm (1.1") to 6.6mm (.26") 7X to 30X 100mm (4") 56mm (2.2") to 13mm (.52") 3.5X to 15X 168mm (6.6")
15X 24mm (.94") to 5.6mm (.22") 10.5X to 45X 100mm (4") 48mm (1.9") to 11mm (.44") 5.25X to 22.5X 168mm (6.6")
20X 17mm (.67") to 4mm (.16") 14X to 60X 100mm (4") 34mm (1.3") to 8mm (.31") 7X to 30X 168mm (6.6")