Beckman PPS300 DC 7.5A Power Supply, 40V

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Beckman PPS300 DC 7.5A Power Supply, 40V
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Beckman Coulter PPS300
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PPS300 Datasheet

Power Supply is capable of supplying maximum voltage at maximum current rating.

  • Output Voltage (max): 40V DC
  • Output Current (max): 7.5A

Manual Mode of operation, all the basic functions may be independently controlled via the front panel keyboard and metered LCD display.
Beckman Coulter PPS300 Features
  • Output Voltage
  • Output Current
  • Current Limit
  • Delta Voltage
  • Overvoltage Protection Limit
  • Enable Disable the Output
  • GPIB Address


Delta V Mode of Operation

Output voltage may be incremented or decremented in process steps.


Delta T Mode of Operation

Up to 200 distinctive outputs may be programmed and stored in EEPROM memory within the power supply.  Using the start / stop capability, up to 2000 hours of voltage fluctuations, output currents and time durations may be automatically recalled and implemented.


Remote Mode

When operated remotely, the supply can be both a listener and a talker. Using an external controller, you can instruct the supply to send measurement and status data back through the GPIB.

Beckman Coulter PPS300 Specs
  • AC Input Line: 120V
  • Power Consumption: 520 W
  • Weight: 28.63 lb.