Beckman PPS600 DC 10A Power Supply, 60V

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Beckman PPS600 DC 10A Power Supply, 60V
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Beckman PPS600 DC 10A Power Supply, 60V Beckman PPS600 DC 10A Power Supply, 60V
Beckman Coulter PPS600
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PPS600 Datasheet
The PPS600 Power Supply is designed to provide easy integration into an ATE system. The GPIB capability is built-in and there is no need to be concerned with additional hardware to implement remote control. The GPIB feature conforms to IEEE-488-1978 and provides a simple command structure to support the Listener, Talker, and Error Handling Modes. In addition, the output is optically isolated to provide maximum protection.
Beckman Coulter PPS600 Features
  • GPIB Capability Built-In
  • Full Rated Output Power
  • Stand-Alone ΔT Mode
  • Front Panel Or GPIB Calibration
  • Back-lit Alphanumeric is LCD Display
Beckman Coulter PPS600 Specs
DC Output Voltage: 60 VDC
Current: 10.0 A
Power: 600 W
Load Effect Voltage: 0.01% + 5mV
Current: ± (0.01% + 10mA)
Source Effect Voltage: 5mV
Current: 3mA
Pard (mVRMS/mVP-P at 20MHZ) 20mV/45mV
Temperature Coefficient (2) Voltage: 100ppm + 5mV
Current: 200ppm + 5mA
Drift Voltage: 0.03% + 20mV
Current: 0.03% + 3mA
Load Effect Transient Recovery (5) 250µsec
Front Panel Meter Resolution Voltage: 10mV
Resolution Current: 1OmA
Accuracy Voltage: ±(0.1% + 50mV)
Accuracy Current: ±(0.2% + 20mA)
Output Response Time 300msec
Output Isolation 240V
AC Input (fuse/power) 100VAC 15A/1100W
120VAC 15A/1100W
220VAC 8A/1100W
240VAC 8A/1100W