Berkeley 575 Digital Delay / Pulse Generator

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Berkeley Varitronics Systems 575
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575 Datasheet
The Berkeley 575 Digital Delay / Pulse Generator provides multi-channel 250 ps-resolution timing, delaying, gating, pulsing and syncing functions for an attractive price. There are many practical modes of operation and features in addition to the traditional digital delay and pulse generator modes. For usefulness and value – there is nothing comparable. Each channel provides both delays and widths – so a 2-channel Model 575 provides the same delay and width functionality of competitive 4-channel units. The 575 is available in 2, 4 and 8 channel configurations, with optional Ethernet, High Voltage and Dual Input Trigger options. This Digital Delay/Pulse Generator, representing our finest in precision timing, provides precise delays and widths with 250pS resolution for times up to 1000 seconds. Low jitter both with internal clocks (50pS) and using an external trigger (800pS) give users the timing needed to control many devices. This is particularly useful where several pulses or gate signals need to be delayed and timed with respect to each other or the common trigger. You may even use one channel as a trigger reference for other channels, locking the timing delays when needed. There is lots to learn about the Model 575, which offers much more than a clock-divider, independent channel triggering, independent amplitudes/channel, delay and width control, and a Labview 8 driver. Give us a call, we are happy to discuss your applications.
Berkeley Varitronics Systems 575 Features
  • 250pS Delay & Width Resolution on 8 channels
  • 50pS channel Jitter / 800pS RMS Ext. jitter
  • Independent clock rates for each channel
  • Clock In & Clock Out
  • Programmable (Ethernet/USB/RS-232/GPIB)
  • Combine Electrical and Optical Outputs
  • Dual Inputs ( Gate+Trig / 2 Trig)
Berkeley Varitronics Systems 575 Applications
  • Trigger, Gate, Delay, Pulse or Sync experiments or lasers
  • Sync to an External Clock, Pulse Pick (up to 100 MHz)
  • Master/Slave or Multiple Unit Slave; Complex Burst Functions
  • Control Front-End, Q-Switch, Flashlamp, PIV, Laser/Pump Laser Timing