BVS Gazelle Quad Receiver System, 690-960 MHz

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The Berkeley Varitronics Systems Gazelle Quad Receiver System is a high performance, modular receiver system that utilizes a high-speed bus containing up to four independent receiver modules all simultaneously logging the RF energy needed to plot out coverage maps. The BVS Gazelle, which operates at a frequency range of 690-960 MHz, is designed from the ground up to provide hot-swappable receiver modules for in-the-field installation and includes an internal 12-channel/satellite GPS receiver complete with an active antenna.

The BVS Gazelle’s unique, modular high-speed receivers exceed the distance-based averaging required to meet standard and 40 lambda averaging criteria essential for critical propagation analysis. The Gazelle quad receiver system is a low-cost testing option ideal for advanced pre-buildout drive-studies for optimizing WiMAX and LTE networks. The user also has the option to make custom channel lists to optimize the testing process to their needs.