Biddle 435F Cable Fault Locator

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Biddle 435F Cable Fault Locator
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Biddle 435F Cable Fault Locator Biddle 435F Cable Fault Locator
Biddle 435F
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The Biddle 435F TDR is designed primarily for use on twisted-pair telephone cables, although it may also be used on multi-conductor control cables and power cables. It is unique in that, without any additional accessories, it can test a single line, compare a good cable pair with a faulty pair, balance a good pair with a faulty pair showing the algebraic difference, and transmit on one pair and receive on another pair to prove out splits and re-splits.

The 435F can be used to identify and/or locate: opens, shorts, high resistance splices, wet splices, sheath damage, split cable pairs and re-splits, water migration, taps, connectors, change of insulation, amplifiers, repeaters, load coils, stubs, and capacitor networks.