Biddle 550100 Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set

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This product has been discontinued.

View the Megger TTR330 Three-Phase Transformer Turn Ratio Test Set

The Biddle 550100 transformer turns ratio test set is a three-phase automatic model with a large supply voltage. At 36 lbs., the Biddle 550100 is a somewhat portable instrument that can be used in a variety of testing environments. This test set measures the turn ratio and excitation current of power, distribution, and instrument transformers. The Biddle 550100 test set can be used to test single-phase and three-phase transformers, both with and without taps. For three-phase measurements, the test set is connected to all three phases of the transformer to be tested. The internal switching arrangement permits measurement of all phases without changing connections. This feature eliminates the need to refer to hook-up charts when testing three-phase transformers.