Biddle/Megger 569001 Ultrasonic Leak and Corona Detector

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Rent Megger 569001 Ultrasonic Leak & Corona Detector
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Biddle 569001
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The Biddle/Megger 569001 Ultrasonic Leak and Corona Detector is a portable system that receives airborne ultrasonic signals, converts them to audible range, amplifies them and displays the output visibly on a meter and audibly through a speaker or headset. The system is designed for locating gas leaks and electrical corona sources, all of which emit strong ultrasonic signals that are inaudible to the human unaided human ear. Variously shaped collectors facilitate quick location of ultrasonic sources; in particular. The directional pickup horn allows pinpointing of discharges in high-voltage equipment while the operators remain at a safe distance.

The Ultrasonic Leak and Corona Detector is useful wherever electrical or pressurized equipment is used. Applications include preventive maintenance in plants and utilities to locate poor or arcing connections, switches, faulty insulators, lightning arrestors, power supplies, motors and radio frequency interference sources. In the test laboratory, the set is useful in performing high-pot tests on components of all sizes and for high-voltage equipment tests. Early detection of leaks by preventive maintenance checks in compressed air systems, boilers, and air conditioning equipment will provide savings in reduced equipment replacement and downtime.

Biddle 569001 Features
  • Construction: Rugged anodized aluminum chassis protected by a leather case
  • Frequency Response: Frequencies between 35 and 45 kHz are amplified and converted into audible sounds, while sounds within the frequency range of the human ear are not detected
  • Circuitry: Solid-state hyterodyne receiver with signal on-off switch with volume control
  • Meter: Ultrasonic intensity is indicated on a 0 to 10 linear scale showing relative level