Biddle 651027-1 Impulse Generator

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The Biddle 651027-1 impulse generator design provides a simple but safe control system, with a minimum of controls and instruments that require attention during operation. The Biddle 651027-1 impulse generator/DC Proof Tester has two modes of operation; one is the Impulse Mode; the second is the Proof Test Mode. The tester is a compact, single unit contained in a fiberglass case with a grounded metal panel. This rugged design provides both convenience in handling and the durability to withstand frequent transportation from site to site.

In the impulse method of fault location, the tester repeatedly applies a high voltage waveform to the defective cable by means of a solenoid-driven switch. This waveform travels along the cable until it reaches the fault. At the fault, the voltage causes significant current to pass into the return path. This current or its results can be detected and the fault position along the cable length can be traced by a detector which is carried along the cable path. As long as the operator is sure that an adequate signal is being generated, desired impulses are more likely to be generated.