Biddle 651028 Thumper Impulse Generator/Cable Test System

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The Biddle 651028 test set is designed to locate cable faults by the high voltage impulse method on cables rated up to 35 kVAC phase-to-phase. This is a combination type system because it combines the three related functions of a DC proof tester, a DC cable fault burner, and an impulse generator, all having a common power supply.

This test set is composed of two main sections: PROOF/BURN and IMPULSE. Both of these sections are supplied with high-voltage from a self-contained high voltage power supply. In the PROOF/BURN mode the test set provides a continuous DC output which is used for the BURN operation as well as for PROOF testing. When in the IMPULSE mode, a high-voltage capacitor is periodically charged and discharged to produce a high energy pulse. This pulse is used as a traceable signal for cable fault locating.