Biddle 250500 DET5/B Digital Earth Tester

Biddle 250500 DET5/B Digital Earth Tester
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Biddle DET5/B
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Manual Specifications

The Biddle 250500 DET5/B Digital Earth Tester is designed to measure earth electrode resistance, earth continuity etc. It's primary application is in the testing of earth electrodes, whether these take the form of a single electrode, multiple electrodes, mesh systems, earth plates or earthstrips.



Earth Resistance Ranges 0.01W to 19.99W
0.1W to 199.9W
1.0W to 1999W
Comply With Standards BS CP1013 (1965), VDE 0413 Part 7 (1982)
Test Frequency 128 Hz
Test Current 20W range: 10 mA a.c.r.m.s.
200W range: 1 mA a.c.r.m.s.
2 kW range: 100 µA a.c.r.m.s.
Max. Current Spike Resistance 20W range: 2 kW
200W range: 5 kW
2 kW range: 48 kW
Max. Potential Spike Resistance 20W range: 2.2 kW
200W range: 22 kW
2 kW range: 53 kW
Max. Output Voltage 30 V
Display 3½ digit LCD maximum reading 1999
Power Supply Internal rechargeable sealed lead acid cells 12V, 0.8 Ah capacity. Battery voltage range over which basic accuracy is maintained, 10.0 V to 13.5 V. Battery charging time, 10 hours max. (from completely exhausted). Charging supply required, 200 V to 255 V or 100 V to 130 VAC. 50 Hz/60 Hz.