Biddle 250500 DET5/B Digital Earth Tester

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Biddle 250500 DET5/B Digital Earth Tester
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Biddle DET5/B
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Manual Specifications
The Biddle 250500 DET5/B Digital Earth Tester is designed to measure earth electrode resistance, earth continuity etc. It's primary application is in the testing of earth electrodes, whether these take the form of a single electrode, multiple electrodes, mesh systems, earth plates or earth strips.
Biddle DET5/B Specs
Earth Resistance Ranges 0.01W to 19.99W
0.1W to 199.9W
1.0W to 1999W
Comply With Standards BS CP1013 (1965), VDE 0413 Part 7 (1982)
Test Frequency 128 Hz
Test Current 20W range: 10 mA a.c.r.m.s.
200W range: 1 mA a.c.r.m.s.
2 kW range: 100 µA a.c.r.m.s.
Max. Current Spike Resistance 20W range: 2 kW
200W range: 5 kW
2 kW range: 48 kW
Max. Potential Spike Resistance 20W range: 2.2 kW
200W range: 22 kW
2 kW range: 53 kW
Max. Output Voltage 30 V
Display 3½ digit LCD maximum reading 1999
Power Supply Internal rechargeable sealed lead acid cells 12V, 0.8 Ah capacity. Battery voltage range over which basic accuracy is maintained, 10.0 V to 13.5 V. Battery charging time, 10 hours max. (from completely exhausted). Charging supply required, 200 V to 255 V or 100 V to 130 VAC. 50 Hz/60 Hz.