BIOS DC-1 DryCal Flow Calibrator

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BIOS DC-1 DryCal Flow Calibrator
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BIOS International DC-1
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Manual DC-1 Datasheet

The DryCal is a field-portable true primary air flow calibrator. Using near-frictionless piston technology, it combines the accuracy of a primary standard with unequaled speed and convenience.

The Bios DC-1 Dry Cal consists of two primary sections. The base contains the electronics and computer, while the flow cell performs the actual physical measurements. The base has an opening on its upper surface into which the flow cell is installed. The front of the base is angled for easy reading of the LCD display and includes a Power On/Off switch and Charge LED indicator. Below these are push-button switches.

Flow readings are obtained with the push of a button. The DryCal can be set to take flow readings automatically or manually. A charging jack located on the left side of the base is for insertion of the battery charger's barrel plug and a built-in standard parallel printer port for hardcopy printing of flow readings is located on the rear panel. The Bios DC-1 DryCal interfaces with most IBM compatible printers.

BIOS International DC-1 Specs
Interchangeable Flow Cell Range 10 to 9999 ml/min.
Battery System 6V Rechargeable, sealed lead-acid, 8-hour typical operation on a single charge Unit can be left charging indefinitely without damage to battery
AC Battery Charger Wall-mounted, single-station
Input: 100 to 120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Output: 12 VDC 2.5 mm charger plug, center positive
Charger can be used for AC operation
Operating Modes Single-cycle, Continuous Auto-repeat and 10-Reading "Burst" function
Printer Port standard parallel (IBM/ Centronics)
Electronics LCD readout display, Power switch, Function buttons, "Charge" LED indicates unit is charging
  Low Standard High
Single Reading: ± 2%  ± 0.05 ml/min. ± 0.5 ml/min. ± 2.5 ml/min.
Averaged Readings: ± 1% ± 0.05 ml/min. ± 0.5 ml/min. ± 2.5 ml/min.