Boonton 4400 RF Power Meter

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The Boonton 4400 30MHz to 40GHz, RF Power Meter provides unsurpassed measurement speed and display resolution for microwave CW, peak power measurements and pulse wave-form characterization. Users can make up to 60 measurements per second anywhere along the pulse or perform full waveform analysis. With its associated sensors, the 4400 covers a frequency range of 30MHz to 40GHz and its dynamic range extends from - 34 to +20 dBm. Select from single or dual channel versions, noting the second channel can be easily added by the user. The Boonton 4400 30MHz to 40GHz, RF Power Meter is ideally suited for testing of rf amplifiers, radar, electronic counter measures, distance measuring equipment and digital communications systems. An IEEE-488 interface is provided for ATE applications, plus plotter and diagnostic RS-232 interfaces.