Boonton PIM 31 Test System

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Boonton's PIM 31 series test systems are precision analyzers for passive intermodulation generated in RF paths, components and assemblies. PIM 31 analyzers allow the detailed examination of components used in radio base stations, in-building-DAS installations and other systems transmitting radio frequencies.

The PIM 31 passive intermodulation analyzer emulates a base station radio by providing two signals, up to 20W each, thus following the IEC62037 standard for PIM testing. The frequencies of these carriers are variable within the band of the analyzer, allowing PIM 31 operators to select the optimal frequencies for their wireless systems.

Depending on the application it can be switched between a functional field diagnostic mode and detailed analysis mode with accessibility to all settings and readings. PIM 31 analyzers can be controlled by external mouse and keyboard or through the built-in touch screen display.
Model Number
TX Band
RX Band
PIM31-F01 869-896 MHz 824-851 MHz
PIM31-F02 925-960 MHz 880-915 MHz
PIM31-F03 1805-1880 MHz 1710-1785 MHz
PIM31-F04 1930-1990 MHz 1850-1910 MHz
PIM31-F05 2110-2170 MHz 1920-2060 MHz
PIM31-F07U 730-759 MHz 776-788 MHz
PIM31-F07L 730-759 MHz 698-716 MHz
PIM31-F07UL 730-759 MHz 776-788 MHz
  730-759 MHz 698-716 MHz
PIM31-F08 2010-2025 MHz 1900-1920 MHz
PIM31-F09 2110-2155 MHz 1710-1755 MHz