Bose ElectroForce 3200 Series III Test Instruments

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Rent Bose Electroforce 3200 Series III Test Instruments
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Bose ElectroForce 3200
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3200 Datasheet
The Bose ElectroForce 3200 Series III Test Instruments incorporate proprietary linear motion technologies and WinTest® controls to provide a revolutionary approach to dynamic mechanical testing. The Bose 3200 ElectroForce Series III family of tests instruments offers new and improved features, providing unparalleled performance and versatility for challenging applications requiring low amplitude testing accuracy.

The 3200 Series III test instrument may be configured for 225 N or optionally, 450 N maximum force capacity. The system has a wide bandwidth, capable of performing tests from static conditions to cyclic tests up to 300 Hz and 200 Hz for DMA.
  • 3220 Base System
  • 3230 Base System
  • Torsion Option
  • Extended Stroke (ES) Option
  • BioDynamic® Option
Bose ElectroForce 3200 Features
  • Proprietary linear motor operates without friction, an important feature for high resolution, low-force testing
  • Efficient, direct electromagnetic conversion to force, resulting in greater acceleration, high frequencies and high velocities
  • Intuitive software design to simplify test setup and a flexible hardware platform for changing test needs
  • Powered from a standard electrical outlet, requiring no additional infrastructure, air conditioning or water cooling
  • Air-cooled, clean-room compatible and whisper-quiet operation in compact, space-saving packages
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly by using pollution-free and non-toxic technologies
Bose ElectroForce 3200 Applications
  • Biomaterials
  • Medical devices and components
  • Compliant biological tissues
  • Small components
  • Microelectronics
  • Polymers and elastomers
  • Films, foils and fibers
  • Foods and fluids (rheology)