Brown & Sharpe TESA 06930013 Portable Surface Roughness Tester

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The Brown & Sharpe TESA 06930013 portable handheld surface roughness profilometer gauge measures and displays fifteen different roughness parameters in mm or inch, as well as a roughness curve graph and bearing area curve, on a 2-inch LCD screen with an Z-axis measuring span of 400μm (15748 μ") and an X-axis measuring span of 16mm (0.63 inches). It also has a configurable number of cutoffs, a choice of three cutoff lengths, storage for 20 measurements with profile and graphs or 1000 measurements with parameters, and a micro-USB port and cable. The gauge also displays graphs, such as roughness profile, and a bearing area curve (Abbott). The four-key tactile keyboard is rated IP 67 for protection against liquid and dust. A measurement delay feature provides a choice of six time delays to set a wait period between a measurement request and the measurement for use in hard-to-reach locations.