Bruker Corporation

The Bruker Corporation owes its existence to Professor G√ľnther Laukien who already in the 1950s recognized the need for impulse spectrometers. In 1960, Professor Laukien set out to fill this need by establishing Bruker Physik-AG in Karlsruhe. Since then, Bruker has been developing innovative analytical technologies, and today the Bruker Corporation designs everything from pXRF spectrometers to fluorescece microscopes, MR imaging machines, superconductors and stylus profilometers.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers superb Bruker handheld XRF spectrometers, including the S1 TITAN and TRACER 5i models, with the capability to quantify or qualify nearly any element from Magnesium to Uranium depending on specific instrument configurations. ATEC also furnishes the EOS 500, a handheld Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) system which provides quick analysis of alloys.
Bruker Corporation Products