CA Instruments 6000L AC Power Source, 6000 VA

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The CA Instruments 6000L AC Power Source, 6000 VA Has Been Replaced By Newer Models.

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The CA Instruments 6000L AC Power Source, 6000 VA makes it possible to test any product that operates from AC power with the most compact, versatile power source in the test industry. The 6000L's small size provides more power per inch than most other AC supplies. Highly efficient, these products dissipate less heat than previous generation systems and allow up to an additional 10 % output power. With a programmable controller, the 6000L model provides the most comprehensive set of programmable functions in the industry. Automatic remote calibration and comprehensive self-tests simplify maintainability. Control is through an embedded oscillator, factory configured to your specific requirements. Output parameters are controlled via the front panel or the IEEE-488 bus. Bus programming, standard with -P, -PT and HGA controllers, allows programming and measurement function readback compatible with a number of other standards including VXI, MXI and RS232 via recommended translators.