CA Instruments OMNI-3-37i Reference Impedance Network

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Rent CA Instruments OMNI-3-37i Reference Impedance Network
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California Instruments OMNI-3-37i
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OMNI-3-37i Datasheet
The CA Instruments OMNI-1-18i Reference Impedance Network was specifically designed to meet the IEC 1000-3-3 reference impedance requirements when used in conjunction with an i Series or iX Series AC power source. The OMNI-1-18i supports 16 A per phase.
California Instruments OMNI-3-37i Features
  • AC source line impedance network
  • Compliant reference impedance
  • Single and three phase models
  • Bypass mode
  • 16 amps per phase
  • Remote control interface
California Instruments OMNI-3-37i Specs
Phases: 1
Engage/Flicker Mode: Max Current: 18.5 A
Usable Range: 2.0 - 18.5 A
Bypass Mode: Max Current: 37.0 A
Impedance @ 50 Hz Engage/Flicker Mode: Phase: 0.24 + j0.15 Ω
Neutral: 0.16 + j0.10 Ω
Accuracy: < 5 %