Casella CEL-630.C2 Type 2 Third Octave Sound Analyzer

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This is a powerful measurement tool to support a wide range of industrial, health and safety, and environmental noise measurement requirements. The CEL-630 instrument uses the latest digital signal processing technology to provide a full range of functions, including integrating and real-time octave and 1/3-octave band analysis. The CEL-630 instrument uses a color TFT screen to show a range of information, including operating menus and messages, warnings, and the results of measurements. The screen is clear and easy to read under all ambient lighting conditions, including total darkness.

Measurements captured by the CEL-630 instrument conform to international standards for acoustic measurement. The measurements are saved automatically in high-capacity internal Flash memory. You can transfer the measurement results to a PC where you can manage the results and create reports by using the Casella Insight data management software.