Chroma 61602 Programmable AC Power Source 1 kVA, Single Phase

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The Chroma 61602 Programmable AC Power Source 1 KVA, Single Phase has been replaced by newer models.

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The Chroma 61604 Programmable AC Power Source 2 kVA, 96 Amps delivers pure, instrument grade AC power at very low cost. It is suitable for commercial, avionics, and military applications from bench-top testing to mass production. The 61604 generates very clean AC output with distortion less than 0.3% at 50/60Hz. With the state-of-the-art PWM technology and power factor correction circuit, the 61604 yields higher efficiency and delivers more output power. The 61604 is capable of delivering up to 6 times of peak current compared to its maximum rated current that makes it ideal for inrush current test.