Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZP/ZPH-8 Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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The Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZPH-8 Temperature & Humidity Chamber is a 8 cubic ft, 230L testing chamber featuring cooling, heating and humidity measurement functions with two 4" ports on either side. Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZPH-8 units offer extended refrigeration performance with a selection of three refrigeration systems which save energy costs and prevent coil frost up for efficient operation. The humidification system conducts humidity and moisture resistance testing that meets a variety of commercial and military standards.

Z-Plus 8 models adhere to EIA-232 and EIA-485 with an optional IEEE-488 GPIB interface and provide ethernet connectivity for monitoring and control. The controller interface displays snapshots of current activity like actual and setpoint values, alarms, datalogging, profile, security, IP address and more. Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZPH-8 chambers can be monitored or controlled remotely from any device, including smartphones, tablets and your PC, using LAN/VNC. An alert system will send an email or text message in the event of a test chamber alarm, delivering you data remotely when you need it most.

Designed for ease-of-use, reliability and performance, this line of chambers incorporates custome rrequested features with extended performance for faster ramp rates. Whether you need to do basic temperature cycling or accelerated stress testing, the Z-Plus offers a variety of sizes, temperature ranges and performance packages that meet your testing needs.

The Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZPH-8 is also available with a humidity chamber and is a model in the Cincinnati Sub-Zero Z-Plus Temperature & Humidity Chamber Series.