Commtest VB6 4 Channel Vibration Analyzer

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Rent Commtest VB6 Vibration Analyzer / Data Collector
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Commtest VB6
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VB6 Datasheet Specifications Accessory Kit
The Commtest VB6 Vibration Analyzer / Data Collector is a four channel, route enabled product that provides everything needed for advanced, high resolution data collection. This instrument includes a wide range of recording and measurement types at up to 12,800 lines of resolution. The vb6 includes the powerful Ascent® software in the purchase price.

Ascent Level 1 enables you to program the instrument with thousands of separate machine definitions covering a number of route choices. A library of over 300 customizable parameter sets is also available enabling a vast array of measurement options.
Commtest VB6 Features
  • 4 channel simultaneous recordings
  • 12 800 line FFT resolution
  • 40 kHz Fmax
  • Laser speed sensor for automatic capture of machine running speed
  • 1 GB memory – virtually unlimited spectra storage
  • ≥ 95 dB dynamic range
  • Large, high resolution (HVGA) backlit LCD
  • Voltage output sensor support
  • User-defined recordings for Temperature, Pressure, Mass Flow, Force and Power
  • Route enabled - build routes in Ascent software and send to the instrument
  • CBDb - Commtest Bearing Database with over 30,000 bearings
Commtest VB6 Accessories
Our Testing Kit Includes:
  • GENE-7A-125V | Power Cord
  • GENE-12V-3.0A | Power supply
  • GENE-CAR-ADAPT01 | Car Charger for cigarette lighter
  • COMM-MAGM0064 | Accelometer Magnetic Base, Male
  • COMM-CBTB0278 | Triple BNC to LEMO cable
  • COMM-CBCC0027 | BNC adapter cable
  • COMM-AM1-100-T2 | Accelemeter
  • GENE-USB | USB Cable, Type A to Type B, 6'
  • COMM-VB6-COIL-CBL01 | Accelometer coiled cable(s)
  • COMM-BATT0206 | Battery Pack (installed)
  • COMM-CBVB0032 | Carry Case
  • COMM-VB^-MAN01 | Instrument Reference Guide
  • COMM-LASA0315 | Laser tachometer
  • COMM-CBL50216 | Tachometer Cable
  • COMM-L786 | Lemo plug to 3 Pin adapter plug
  • DELL-LATITUDE-E5410-NR | E5410 Notebook Intel Core i5 520M (2.40GHz) 4GB Memory 160GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 14.1
  • GENE-19.5V-4.62A | AC Adapter with power cord (for Laptop)
  • COMM-NSSK0275 | Neck Strap with Sensor Keeper