Compliance West MegaPulse 1.2x50-16PF PV Solar Panel Tester

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Rent Compliance West MegaPulse 1.2x50-16PF PV Solar Panel Tester
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Compliance West MegaPulse 1.2x50-16PF PV
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MegaPulse 1.2x50-16PF PV Datasheet
The MegaPulse 1.2x50-16PF PV Solar Panel Tester was specifically designed to test to the requirements of IEC 61730-2, Test MST 14, Impulse Voltage Test. In light of the ever-increasing mains voltages of panel installations, we provide test voltages of up to 16kV, and an in-tolerance waveform into panel capacitances of up to 180nF. Our breakthrough technology requires only one tap, which saves test time and possible errors in delivering an out-of-specification waveform by using the wrong tap, or because of errors in measuring the panel capacitance. A single tap makes for a simpler, more robust build, and simplifies calibration and repair tasks.

Complies with IEC 61730-2 Para 10.5.3 and proposed IEC 61730-2 Issue 2 tolerances for a 1.2x50 waveform when testing a PV panel at up to 16kV with a capacitance range from 10nF – 180nF, an increase of 60% in voltage output and 66% in in-tolerance range from our previous tester. With the new TestMinder PF computer control which allows the output voltage to be set and varied inside a computercontrolled test sequence, the Compliance West MegaPulse 1.2x50-16PF PV is truly a breakthrough product.
Compliance West MegaPulse 1.2x50-16PF PV Features
  • Up to 16kV test voltage at up to 180nF panel capacitance in tolerance.
  • Front panel voltage meter indicates output peak voltage.
  • Output voltage and polarity are controlled manually from the front panel.
  • Ergonomically designed for safety, speed and efficiency.
  • Cables, manual and calibration certificate included.
  • External Safety Interlock disables HV charge and defeats test when circuit is open.
  • Optional USB Testminder, computer control allows test plans and stores results.
Compliance West MegaPulse 1.2x50-16PF PV Specs
Output Peak: 800V – 16kV Tolerance ±3%
Voltage Rise Time: 1.2uS, tolerance -10%, +50% [Trise=1.67(T90%-T30%)]
Voltage Duration Time: 50uS, tolerance ±20%
Voltage Control: Knob or optional USB computer control
PV capacitance range: 10nF – 180nF
Voltage Display: 5 digit LED display
Voltage Meter Accuracy: 1% of reading ±10V
Duty Cycle: 60 Seconds
Line Voltage: 120V AC, 50/60Hz *optional different line voltage