Copper Mountain Planar ACM6000T Automatic Calibration Module

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Rent Copper Mountain Planar ACM6000T Automatic Calibration Module
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Copper Mountain Technologies ACM6000T
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ACM6000T Datasheet
The Copper Mountain ACM6000T is an Automatic Calibration Module (ACM) designed for full one-port and two-port calibrations of vector network analyzers from Copper Mountain Technologies. It operates in the frequency range from 300 kHz to 6 GHz. For higher frequencies, the ACM8000T operates up to 8 GHz. The ACM calibrates any CMT VNA in fully automatic mode through the built-in functions of the analyzer software. The ACM switches to the impedance states one by one in the process of calibration. The VNA calibration coefficients are calculated using the measured S-parameters of the ACM impedance states and the data stored in the ACM memory.
Copper Mountain Technologies ACM6000T Features
  • Reduced number of connections (for example, full two-port calibration requires only one connection of the ACM to a VNA instead of 7 connections of mechanical standards)
  • Faster calibration procedure
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Higher accuracy
  • Reduced wear on test port connectors