Varian CPI VSZC-6963J2 TWT Amplifier, 2-8 GHz 300W

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Varian CPI VSZC-6963J2 TWT Amplifier, 2-8 GHz 300W
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CPI (Varian) 6963J2
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6963J2 Datasheet
The VZS/C-6963J2 series CMPA is packaged in a 8.75 inch tall slide-mounted drawer suitable for standard 19-inch rack mounting. This enclosed assembly houses both the RF and power supply sections of the amplifier. The RF section includes the TWT, solid state intermediate power amplifier (IPA), RF detectors, output directional couplers and optional input isolator. The power supply section includes the power factor correction, power processor, and high voltage regulation circuitry. It also contains the microprocessor based monitor and control system necessary to permit safe, efficient and reliable operation of the J Series CMPA. The VZS/C-6963J2 series CMPA is protected from operational damage caused by abnormal AC, DC, RF faults or insufficient cooling. The amplifier will automatically recycle itself after a prime power interruption or transient fault condition.
CPI (Varian) 6963J2 Features
  • Soft-Fail Reflected Power Protection
  • Alpha-numeric Menu-driven 4-line display and front panel
  • Meets EN 61010 and EN60555-2 Safety/Harmonic standards as well as EEC 89/336 EMC standards
  • Filament voltage reduction of 10% in standby
  • IEEE-488 and RS422/485 (4 wire) computer interface standard
  • Auto Fault Recycle (except for Power Supply Arc and External Interlocks)
  • Internal test points for ease of maintenance
  • MTTR < 1 hr
  • Forward power metering
  • Electronic RF Attenuator standard
CPI (Varian) 6963J2 Specs
Frequency: 2.0 to 8.0 GHz
Output Power: TWT: 340W min.(typical 360W)
Flang 300W min.(typical 320W)
Gain: 54 dB min. at rated power output
56 dB min. at small signal