Varian CPI VZK-6901J1 TWT Amplifier 18 GHz - 26.5 GHz, 40W

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Rent  Varian CPI VZK-6901J1 TWT Amplifier 18 GHz - 26.5 GHz, 40W
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CPI (Varian) CPI VZK-6901J1
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CPI VZK-6901J1 Datasheet
The Varian CPI VZK-6901J1 TWT Amplifier 18 GHz - 26.5 GHz, 40W is a split mount millimeter wave TWT power amplifier. Its environmentally sealed compact design allows for both indoor and outdoor operation. The split mount configuration of the CPI VZK-6901J11 Amplifier provides for direct feed mounting to minimize waveguide RF losses. The CPI VZK-6901J1 Amplifier's power supply maintains the convenience of a rack mounted unit with built-in monitors and controls located up to 12 meters away. The power supply HV also outputs to the appropriate TWT label voltages and are automatically set with an integrated, individualized TWT personality interface module.
CPI (Varian) CPI VZK-6901J1 Features
  • Ultra wide-band
  • Automatic fault recycle
  • User friendly microprocessor-controlled logic with integrated RS-422/485 computer interface
  • IEEE interface and other options available
  • Automatic sequencing of voltages and filament time delay
  • Meets International Safety Standard EN-61010
  • Electromagnetic compatibility 89/336/EEC to satisfy worldwide requirements
  • Universal input voltage range
CPI (Varian) CPI VZK-6901J1 Specs
Output Power: TWT: 40W min
Flange: 39W min
Bandwidth: 8.5 GHz, instantaneous
Gain at rated power: 46 dB min
Gain Control Range: 20 dB min
Gain Variation at 6 dB backoff: ±5 dB over 8.5 GHz, typical
Gain Stability: ±0.25 dB/24 hour max at constant drive and temperature (after 1 hour warm up period)
Input VSWR: 1.7:1 typical; 2.4:1 max 1.35:1 typical; 1.5:1 max, (with optional input isolator)
Output VSWR: 2.0:1 typical; 2.7:1 max
Load VSWR: 2.0:1 max; no degradation, infinite VSWR without damage
CPI (Varian) CPI VZK-6901J1 Standards
Meets International Safety Standard EN-61010