Varian VZX6983G1 TWT Amplifier

Varian VZX6983G1 8-12.4 GHz 200W TWT Amplifier
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CPI (Varian) VZX6983G1
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The VZX6983G1 is designed for general purpose laboratory test and measuring applications.
CPI (Varian) VZX6983G1 Features
  • Integral air cooling
  • Auto warm-up time delay
  • Helix current meter
  • Overcurrent protection & reset
  • Auto overtemperature
  • Heater current limiting
  • 35 dB WR90 output, SMA Input


CPI (Varian) VZX6983G1 Specs
Nominal Power 200 Watts
Minimum Frequency 8 GHz
Maximum Frequency 12.4 GHz
Noise Figure 40 dB
Gain 35 dB
Input Impedance 50 Ohm
Output Impedance 50 Ohm
User Interface Proprietary