CR Technology CRX-2000 X-ray Inspection System

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Rent CR Technology CRX-2000 X-ray Inspection System
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CR Technology CRX-2000
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Make all your X-ray inspections with the CR Technology CRX-2000.

Please call Advanced Test Equipment Rentals at 800-404-2832 or email to purchase this unit.
CR Technology CRX-2000 Features
  • Real time x-ray imaging system
  • Four Axis Motion Controller
  • Digital Control with Automatic Conditioning
  • 6" Cesium Iodide Image Intensifier w/ high resolution CCD camera
  • 5 Motion Programmable Manipulator
  • Shielded Cabinet to 160kVp in conformance to BRH 21 CFR 1020.40
  • 6 Micron focal spot – Be window tube
  • Pentium IV Computer w/High Resolution LCD Display
  • Image Processor
  • Tilt & zoom capability 
CR Technology CRX-2000 Specs
  • 110VAC 15A
  • 130 kV Hamamatsu Tube
  • 130kVp .250mA Micro-Focus X-Ray Source
  • Interior Dimensions - 51" wide x 50" deep x 27" high
  • Power requirement 115 VAC with 60 Hz and plugs into 110v outlet.