Analogic Data Precision 2040 8-bit Polynomial Waveform Synthesizers

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Analogic Data Precision 2040 Waveform Synthesizer
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Data Precision 2040
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50 Hz - 800 MHz, 800MS/s, 8 bit res., 512k Memory Polynomial Waveform Synth
Data Precision 2040 Features
  • Data Point Update Rate Internal Clock: 800 MHz down to 50 Hz (1.25 ns to 20 ms/point)
  • Maximum Amplitude: 1Vp-p into 50 ohms
  • Rise and Fall Time (10-90%): < 500 ps
  • Waveform Output Memory (RAM): 512K data points
  • Maximum Waveform Length: 512k data points
  • Waveform Equation Memory (Stores waveform descriptions by filename): 78 KB non-volatile, 1280 characters maximum file length
  • Remote Instrument Control
    Interface: standard IEEE-488 and RS-232
  • Waveform Generation Modes
    • Mathematical (Polynomial) Notation: by Front Panel entry or by remote communications
    • Standard Functions: include sine wave, square wave, pulse, triangle, sawtooth, and random noise