DeFelsko PosiTector RTR H & 2D/3D Replica Tape Readers

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DeFelsko PosiTector RTR H & 2D/3D Replica Tape Readers provide surface profile measurements for blasted steel and textured coatings, offering 2D and 3D parameters. Both models, the DeFelsko PosiTector RTR H and the DeFelsko PosiTector RTR 2D/3D, are digital spring micrometers that measure and record surface profile parameters using Testex Press-O-Film replica tape. The RTR H automatically subtracts the 50.8 μm (2 mil) incompressible film from all readings and minimizes inspector workload by reducing the number of replicas needed to ensure accuracy. The RTR 3D measures peak height (HL) and common 2D/3D profile parameters such as Ra, Rz, Sq, Spd and more. The PosiTector RTR H conforms to ASTM D4417, ISO 8503-5, NACE RP287, SSPC-PA 17, SSPC-SP5, SP6, SP10 and SP11-87T standards and more, while the PosiTector RTR 2D/3D conforms to all of those as well as ASME B46 and more.

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