DeFelsko PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gauge

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The DeFelsko PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gauge is a digital depth micrometer that measures and records peak-to-valley surface profile heights. DeFelsko PosiTector SPG gauges feature a fast measurement rate of over 50 readings per minute – ideal for quickly and accurately measuring large surfaces. A Certificate of Calibration shows traceability to PTB included (Long Form). The Statistics mode continually displays/updates average, standard deviation, min/max depth and a number of readings while performing measurements. An alumina wear face and tungsten carbide tip are included for long life and continuous accuracy. The DeFelsko PosiTector SPG conforms to ASTM D4417-B, AS 3894.5-C (with optional 30° tip), U.S. Navy NSI 009-32, SANS 5772 and other standards.

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