Dranetz 657 Remote Disturbance Analyzer

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Dranetz 657 Remote Waveform Analyzer
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Dranetz 657
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The 657 Remote Disturbance Waveform Analyzer offers field proven performance in a compact and low-cost package. For remote operation and data retrieval from a PC, control and data analysis software is standard. Weeks worth of disturbance data can be sent over phone lines via the built-in modem, or transferred to the PC on diskette using the 657's standard 3½" diskette drive.
Dranetz 657 Features
  • Remote events are transmitted to central location. Removes interpretational errors at local site.
  • Minimizes travel time for field service technicians. Monitoring cost per site is reduced
  • Power experts can develop professional site survey reports in minutes
  • PC data analysis software included as standard
  • Four graphics input channels: 1 voltage, 3 voltage/current
  • Remote unit does not have to be taken off line for data to be evaluated
  • LED display indicates voltage, amps, percent of memory full
  • Floppy disk drive allows data storage on disk
  • RS-232C serial port is standard