DURR HD-CR 35 NDT CR Scanner

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The DÜRR HD-CR 35 NDT CR Scanner is a computed radiography scanner for portable use in the field, around the production area and in the R&D lab. TreFoc Technology allows the widest range of applications and the highest resolution of all CR Scanners. With TreFoc Technology, the DÜRR HD-CR 35 is capable of performing corrosion and erosion inspections.

A pre-loaded, special imaging reference confirms the abilities and capability of the HD-CR 35 NDT computed radiography inspection system before you begin your testing procedures. Featuring laser spot sizes ranging from 12 µm to 50 µm and a SRb of 30 µm, this CR scanner is ideal for inspections in the aerospace, oil and gas, military, and power generation fields. The mobile Imaging Workstation (IWS) allows for portable computer use of the HD-35CRT in any environment. This scanner can also be used for x-ray scanning industrial materials.