Dynatel 1420-iD Electronic Marker System Locator

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Rent Dynatel 1420-iD Electronic Marker System Locator
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Dynatel 1420-iD
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1420-iD Datasheet
The Dynatel 1420-iD Electronic Marker System Locator is a microprocessor-based system that quickly and efficiently locates underground markers—years after construction or maintenance. The 1420-iD is now compatible with select GPS/GIS field mapping instruments for real-time mapping of marker placement. The customized Dynatel interface commands the GPS/GIS device allowing even a generalist field technician to perform real-time mapping.
Dynatel 1420-iD Features
  • Large backlit, high-resolution graphic display
  • Locator PC tools software
  • PC interface via standard RS232/USB
  • iD marker read/write capability
  • User-configurable features and interface
  • Dual marker frequency search-simultaneous
  • Detects all seven EMS marker frequencies
  • iD Marker depth estimation
Dynatel 1420-iD Specs
Marker compatibility All 3M markers (telephone, gas, communication, power, water, wastewater and general purpose)
Dual marker mode Any two marker frequencies simultaneously
Detection range Exceeds maximum marker depth specifications
Marker write range 30 cm (1 ft.)
RFiD Marker depth measurement accuracy +/- 10% +/- 5 cm (2 in.) up to marker depth specifications