Dynatel 2250 Advanced Cable Locator

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Dynatel 2250 Advanced Cable Locator
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Dynatel 2250
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Manual Specifications
Advanced Cable-Fault Locator System
Dynatel 2250 Features
  • Advanced electronics to quickly efficiently trace the path of underground cables pipes (with metallic tracer wire).
  • Accurate cable/pipe, or Sonde depth measurements with digital readout in inches, feet and inches, or centimeters (user-selectable).
  • Locate cable and pipe path
  • Measure cable/pipe, or Sonde depth with the push of a button
  • Display relative signal current in the cable or pipe
  • Identify cable using toning
  • Tone shorts and grounds in aerial cable
  • Identify cable pairs through wet sections
  • Locate energized power and CATV cable