Dynatel 2273M Cable/Fault Locator

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Dynatel 2273M
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2273M Datasheet
The Dynatel 2273M Cable/Fault Locator incorporates advanced electronics to quickly and efficiently locate conductor or sheath (earth return) faults and trace the path of underground cables and pipes (with metallic tracer wire). The 2273M provides accurate cable/pipe, or Sonde depth measurements, giving a digital readout in inches, feet and inches, or centimeters (user-selectable).
Dynatel 2273M Features
  • Locate cable and pipe path
  • Measure cable/pipe, or Sonde depth with the push of a button
  • Display relative signal current in the cable or pipe
  • Pin-point conductor or sheath (earth return) faults and cable breaks
  • Discriminate between light and heavy faults
  • Identify cable using toning
  • Tone shorts and grounds in aerial cable
  • Identify cable pairs through wet sections
  • Locate energized power and CATV cable
Dynatel 2273M Specs
Output Frequencies
Trace Mode: 577Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 200kHz
Sheath (Earth Return) Fault Mode: 10/20 Hz for sheath (earth return) fault; 577Hz and 33kHz for tracing
Tone Mode: 577Hz and 200kHz pulsed at 8Hz
Induction Mode: 33kHz, 200kHz
Output Voltage
Sheath (Earth Return) Fault: 70 Vrms
Trace: 70 Vrms
Tone: Normal setting: 10 Vrms, High setting: 60 Vrms
Output Power: Normal setting: Limited to 0.5W
High setting: Limited to 3W, or 5W with External DC power