3M Dynatel 2573-iD Cable/Pipe/Fault and Marker Locator

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Rent 3M Dynatel 2573-iD Cable/Pipe/Fault and Marker Locator
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Dynatel 2573-iD
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2573-iD Datasheet
The 3M Dynatel 2573-iD Cable/Pipe/Fault and Marker Locator is designed to be more accurate, faster and more integrated than any other locator on the market. The 2573-iD represents an advancement in locating and fault finding technology for the field professional. Offering a broad feature set with advanced digital processing, the 2573-iD combines simple interfaces with precision locating capabilities and six active frequencies with a maximum transmitter output of 12 watts providing a solution for virtually all challenging applications encountered in the field.

The 2573-iD has the additional capability to locate all standard electronic markers and to write, read and lock programmed information into 3M Electronic Marker System iD Markers.
Dynatel 2573-iD Features
  • Trace view mapping display mode
  • 6 active frequencies for direct connect
  • 4 induction frequencies with maximum allowed output power
  • All frequency mode in direct connect – 4 simultaneously
  • Automatic impedance matching
  • Ohm meter with high voltage detection
  • Rugged, industrial temperature range
  • 240VAC output protection
  • Standard alkaline (c-cell) batteries
  • Rechargeable battery kit
Dynatel 2573-iD Specs
Trace Mode Frequencies: 577 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 82 kHz, 200 kHz
Induction Mode Only Frequencies: 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 82 kHz, or 200 kHz
Output power (maximum) 12 W Max. with external input, reduced to 10 W at 33 kHz and 1 W for higher freq's
Output voltage (maximum) 70 Vrms
Output current (maximum) 0.75A rms
Output Protection 240 Vrms