Dynatel 500DL Precision Cable/Fault Locator

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Dynatel 500DL Precision Cable/Fault Locator
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Dynatel 500DL
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500DL Datasheet
The Dynatel 500DL Precision Cable/Fault Locator is a portable instrument which locates the path of buried cables. Four frequencies are available to accomodate varying factors such as distance, cable type, or soil conditions. A separate tone function in the transmitter provides a powerful 577.5 Hz signal for identification using a separate toning amplifier. The instrument is also able to detect 50 Hz AC power signals. In the depth measurement mode, the Dynatel 500DL provides a direct digital readout of the estimated depth of buried cables, and a bar graph indication of the relative current in the cable.
Dynatel 500DL Features
Transmitter Features:
  • Four operator-selectable frequencies
  • Built-in voltmeter
  • Built-in ohmseter
  • Three-tone application methods (direct connect, coupler, inductive)
  • Auto load matching
  • High and normal output level


Receiver Features:
  • Peak mode
  • Null mode
  • Differential mode
  • Push button digital depth readout
  • Cable/pair identification
  • Measures signal current in cable
  • Visual and audible cable locates
  • Wet section
  • Graphic display
  • Ground level antenna
  • Expander amplifier
  • 60 Hz power cable locate mode
  • 512 Hz fiber optic locate mode