ENI/E&I 440LA RF Power Amplifier 150 kHz - 300 MHz, 35 Watts

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This product has been discontinued.

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The ENI / E&I 440LA 440LA is a general purpose broadband amplifier capable of more than 35 Watts of linear power output when driven by any laboratory signal or sweep generator from 0.15 to 300 MHz.

An ultra linear Class A design, the ENI / E&I 440LA 440LA will "boost" the output of any signal source by a flat 45 dB (±1.5 dB) and provide its full forward output power into any load impedance (from an open to a short circuit). Its output is a faithful reproduction of the input waveform for AM, FM, SSB, CATV, pulse and other complex modulations. Although specified only over the 0.15 to 300 MHz frequency range, full power output is typically available from 0.12 to 310 MHz.

The microwave transistors on thin film substrates, microstrip circuitry, and plug-in modules make the 440LA both reliable and easy to service. An integral power supply and cooling system permit operation over a wide range of temperature and AC line conditions.