ENI/E&I A300 Power Amplifier 300 kHz - 35 MHz, 300 Watts

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This product has been discontinued.

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The A300 Power Amplifier is primarily designed for use in HF transmitters, nuclear accelerators, NMR systems, plasma equipment and RFI / EMI applications. These extraordinarily compact and efficient RF sources will operate reliably under the most extreme environmental conditions without damage or failure.

Highly Linear Class A units will amplify AM, FM, SSB, Pulse and other complex modulations with minimum distortion. Unconditional stability and absolute protection against overdrive and overload makes them ideal for applications involving highly mismatched or non-linear loads such as gas plasmas. Their high gain and flat frequency response makes them compatible with all laboratory signal generators and synthesizers.

Front panel meters display RF output voltage as well as power output into 50 Ω. Integral regulated power supplies and cooling systems permit full power operation over a wide range of temperature and AC line conditions.